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Simple web solutions that build your business

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If you're on the Google "Map Pack" in search results for your services, you've already made it to Page 1! When people find your company there, make sure they can find your website, too.

Build out your Google presence, so you don't miss out on any of the traffic you've earned.

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No matter how humble your operation, a web presence tells your potential customers that you take your business seriously -- and you value their time and attention.

A great-looking website makes a professional first impression and represents you as the expert you are. Get yours today.

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Make it easy for site visitors to become your customers. Tell them about your services. Give them instant access to your phone number and a contact form on any mobile device.

Visitors looking for you want to become your customers. Sitebasics makes it easy for them to do just that.

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We think everyone should have a great web presence, especially when it comes to small business. Whether you're a one-person shop, an established partnership, or your LLC is taking off, a great website can be a critical part of your team.

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Google My Business Enhancement

Get some Google Love

Google rules the search space, and more than ever, search rankings drive business. With the rise of mobile, Google local search is at the fingertips of virtually every potential customer -- your potential customers.

Many local businesses have a great position on Google results -- right in the top of the page in the "Map 3-Pack". But when you look closer, they don't list their website. They may have a site (and it can be a good one), but they haven't connected it to their Google My Business listing. So people can't learn more about them as soon as they find them.

Sitebasics can fix that.

We'll work with your business to plug in your site and give your prospects a quick and easy way to connect with you -- and send you their business.

Some businesses rank well on the Map, but they don't actually have a website.

That's a missed opportunity right there. You don't always need a major site with hundreds of pages to get in the search results. Sometimes all you need is a simple site with your own domain, some basic company details, and your contact front and center, so people can get in touch with you as soon as they find you.

Sitebasics builds fast, mobile-first websites that give you a web presence, so you can tap into Google traffic. We build the site, and we hook you up with Google My Business, so you never need to miss another searching customer.

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Simple Sites

Sometimes, all you need is a simple site so people can contact you - right away.

Not everybody needs a full-scale site with tens (or hundreds) of pages and all the bells and whistles. When all you want is a way for people to find and hire you, a simple site works best.

Sitebasics unique websites specifically designed to generate leads and build your business.

  • Your own domain to plug into Google My Business (and show up in the "Map Pack" on search results.
  • Your own business email, sent directly to an email address you already have.
  • Fast-loading, so your visitors don't have to wait to contact you.
  • Mobile-first, so you won't miss business from mobile searchers.
  • Click-to-call always visible on the site.
  • Contact/Quote forms that email you directly.
  • Built to perform with optimized images and scripts and all our SEO magic baked in.
  • Analytics & Reporting, so you can see how many people have visited your site and contacted you through it.
  • Affordable Rates - pay one low price up front or select an installment plan.
  • All-inclusive so you can solve all your web presence issues at once.

Forget about complicated sites with hefty price tags. Sitebasics will build you a simple site that gets the job done.

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Sample Staffing Site
Sample Staffing Site - Click for a Larger View
Sample Handyman Site
Sample Handyman Site - Click for a Larger View
Sample Window Washer Site
Sample Window Washer Site - Click for a Larger View

Go Mobile with a Site Refresh

Already have a site that isn't mobile-friendly? We can fix that.

More than ever, you need your site to be mobile-first. Not just mobile-"friendly", but industrial-strength optimized for all potential customers who visit your site on a mobile device.

Sitebasics can refresh your existing website, implementing mobile features that load fast and let anybody on a mobile device reach you by phone or email.

  • Your existing site upgraded for today's customers.
  • Fast-loading, so nobody has to wait to contact you.
  • Mobile-first, to tap into millions of searchers.
  • Click-to-call lets anybody call you anytime with a click or tap.
  • Contact/Quote forms included that send to your existing email address.
  • SEO Optimized so Google will love you even more.
  • Affordable Rates - pay one low price up front or select an installment plan.

Don't worry about re-inventing the wheel. Sitebasics can refresh your existing site in a whole new way that gets you customers - fast.

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Sitebasics is a local web development company with a global track record.

We've worked at some of the largest multinational corporations that are leaders in their fields. From Financial Services (where every on-site experience has to be fast and secure), to Consumer Electronics (where the customer experience is top priority), to Enterprise Storage and Security (where multi-million dollar deals drive the business), we've honed our skills in some of the most demanding website production and support conditions on the planet.

We leverage decades of industrial-strength corporate technical experience to boost local businesses and drive growth through speed and best-in-class web construction practices.

You leverage your professional experience, and we build out your smokin' fast, mobile-first online presence that pushes the performance envelope to build your offline business with a rock-solid online presence

We also provide consulting and tools for web designers who want to build the fastests sites possible.

You make it beautiful, and we make it fast. Together, we'll create websites that fly.

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P.O. Box 174
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Phone/Text: 617-286-4221‬

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