All Roads Lead Online

overhead view of interchangeWe craft high-quality websites that take advantage of the most current approaches in:

  • SEO – so you can get found
  • Site Speed Performance – so visitors won’t leave
  • Content Management – so you can keep current

We leverage over 25 years of experience in industrial strength web construction. We approach our work like any skilled tradesperson. We build right, from the ground up, so you can focus on what matters most: building your business with the support of your site.

Here’s how we see things:

Never before have we seen such a dramatic shift in how we live, how we work, and how we conduct day-to-day business. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed us all in ways we never would have guessed, just a year ago.

Everybody’s going online. There’s no avoiding it. While countless other businesses have struggled – and gone out of business – the online model is thriving.

Amazon’s profits went through the roof.

Netflix stock skyrocketed, as everybody streamed their favorite binge-watches.

Lots of other online businesses took off. Because that’s where we’ve been: online.

This whole pandemic has been a mixed blessing and a curse.

If you’ve got a small business that’s been traditionally brick-and-mortar, things may not be as rosy for you. Chances are, your world has changed forever, as customers have stayed away, or you’ve been forced to limit foot traffic into your space.

Maybe you’re not even in business anymore…

But if you’ve been able to pivot to an online model, well, there’s plenty of opportunity there.

If you’re a consultant, trips to client sites have likely trickled to a stop.

Of course, Zoom and phone calls can replace those live consults. But it’s not quite the same as meeting face to face.

And the kinds of networking events where you used to meet potential clients in person and develop those relationships… well, that’s just not happening so much, anymore.

Clearly, there are all sorts of challenges we’ve been facing — especially for small businesses and independent consultants.

So, how do you shift?

How do you pivot to take advantage of the opportunities in front of us, while mitigating the risks that arise from our “new normal”?

By taking stock of the landscape in front of you, getting a clear eye about what’s happening in the world, and how you can best take advantage of the evolving business landscape.

By being realistic… brutally honest… and letting go of what no longer applies to your situation. The longer you hold onto how things used to be, the harder you make it for yourself to tap into all this incredible opportunity!

So, Contact Us today to schedule a Zoom consultation and find out how you can make the most of your situation and start the new year stronger than ever!