Simple Sites

Sometimes, all you need is a simple site so people can contact you – right away.

Not everybody needs a full-scale site with tens (or hundreds) of pages and all the bells and whistles. When all you want is a way for people to find and hire you, a simple site works best.

Sitebasics unique websites specifically designed to generate leads and build your business.

  • Your own domain to plug into Google My Business (and show up in the “Map Pack” on search results.
  • Your own business email, sent directly to an email address you already have.
  • Fast-loading, so your visitors don’t have to wait to contact you.
  • Mobile-first, so you won’t miss business from mobile searchers.
  • Click-to-call always visible on the site.
  • Contact/Quote forms that email you directly.
  • Built to perform with optimized images and scripts and all our SEO magic baked in.
  • Analytics & Reporting, so you can see how many people have visited your site and contacted you through it.
  • Affordable Rates – pay one low price up front or select an installment plan.
  • All-inclusive so you can solve all your web presence issues at once.

Forget about complicated sites with hefty price tags. Sitebasics will build you a simple site that gets the job done.