Technical SEO Consulting

Got a site, but it’s not performing as well as you’d like?

Is it slow? Are you losing visitors because they won’t wait for it to load?

Have you invested hundreds, even thousands of dollars in a professional web presence, but you’re not getting calls and quote requests like you think you should?

Sitebasics can help.

We do a multi-point check to make sure your site is performing as it should. We check:

  • Page Load Time
  • Page “Weight” (number of objects)
  • Content Quality (if your site communicates effectively)
  • Image Details (how many and how big they are)
  • Script Analysis (how can JavaScript be improved?)
  • Other Technical SEO Markers

We deliver a detailed report outlining the impact of all of the above, along with recommended steps to improve your performance.

Just want the fixes?

We’ll deliver optimized images and scripts (the most frequent culprits in slowing you down) to crank up your site’s performance. And we’ll deliver a list of recommended best practices that you and your development staff can leverage for years to come, to keep the optimization happening the way it should.