WP30 – WordPress Sites That Make Your Content Fly

Solid Foundation

  1. Use a Top-Performing Web Host – Our hosting is smokin’. Some of the fastest and most reliable in the business.
  2. Use Https – We ensure all our sites are secure.
  3. Optimized Database – We make sure your WordPress site is working at peak.
  4. robots.txt File, “noindex” and “nofollow” Tags – Control what search engines index, and what content you don’t want scanned.
  5. Google Analytics Setup and on Your Dashboard – Get all the details on what’s going on – and see it right in your WordPress dashboard.
  6. Sitemap Built & Added to Google Search Console – Make sure Google keeps coming back to you to pick up the latest updates.
  7. Canonicals Configuration – Keep visitors and search engines going to the right place, and cut down on technical issues.
  8. One Single www Version – More than one is not helpful.
  9. HTTP/2 – Stay current with the latest protocol.
  10. Uptime Monitoring
  11. No Mixed Content
  12. Always Current Technology – Stay ahead of the curve with the latest updates.
  13. Super Mobile Friendly – Our implementation
  14. Local Business Markup to your Homepage


  1. Speed from a CDN
  2. Fast Loading
  3. Caching that Speeds Your Site
  4. Minified JS/CSS Files – Keep your site running smoothly and make sure it downloads quickly for everyone.
  5. Resized, Compressed and Optimized Images
  6. Lazy Loaded Images & Iframes (YouTube embeds, etc)
  7. GZIP Compression

Content Essentials

  1. Pretty Permalinks
  2. About, Contact, Privacy Policy and TOS Pages
  3. Optimized 404 Page
  4. Consistent NAP Details Across the Site
  5. Integrate Social Posting
  6. Integrated Social Sharing for Your Content
  7. Yoast SEO Installed
  8. Keyword Rank Tracking